Andreas Mogensen captures first pictures of thunderclouds and lightning

Mon 14 Sep 2015, 12:54

Andreas Mogensen, Denmark’s first astronaut, has successfully photographed thunderclouds during his IRISS mission on the International Space Station. The images are likely to provide researchers with deep insight into thunderclouds and giant lightning bolts. Picture: ESA.

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Andreas Mogensen to film lightning and thunderstorms from space

Mon 24 Aug 2015, 12:08

During his 10-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS), the Danish ESA-astronaut, Andreas Mogensen will film lightning and thunderstorms from the ISS. He will carry out Project Thor as a pilot experiment for the coming ASIM mission aboard the ISS. See the full story in on the Danish National Space Institute website

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New knowledge about thunderstorm effects on the climate

Tue 03 Feb 2015, 13:39

For the first time researchers are able to describe thundercloud activity in the stratosphere. The research is based on videos captured by ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen during his time at the International Space Station. The study has just been published in Geophysical Research Letters. Picture: NASA

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