About ASIM Science Data Center (ASDC)

The ASIM Science Data Centre was established in 2016 to support the ASIM mission with data reception, processing and distribution. The ASDC is supported primarily by ESA PRODEX contract PEA 4000115884. The Danish National Space Institute (DTU Space), at the Technical University of Denmark also supports the running costs of the ASDC. Collaborating staff in Valencia and Bergen are supported by national grants from Spain and Norway respectively.

The main tasks of the ASIM Science Data Centre are:

  • To receive raw data and housekeeping telemetry from B.USOC
  • To unpack and archive the raw data
  • To convert raw data to physical units
  • To to process science data into high-level products by offline analysis
  • To distribute raw and processed data to the scientific community via the ASDC website (this website).
  • To manage and register users of the website
  • To send alerts about possible TLE events to registered users